Our menu of tastes
“Dedicated to Tuscany”


Chopping Board of the “Menù N° 10” 



Handmade Pappardelle

with ragu of certified hunted wild boar of appennino tosco romagnolo


Steak Red Meat from Abetone

with spinach flan on parmesian fondue and purgatory beans



our tiramisu with cream of gianduia

Menu of Tastes Euro 38,00
(drinks excluded)

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Menu n° 10

 The number that expresses perfection, that elicits happiness.
It gathers in uniave unity all the principles expressed previously.
We could not try to make it happen.
For us it is the menu n°10

Lorenzo, Carla, Erald, Antonio & Tony



To Start…

Chopping Board of the “Menù N° 10”

raw ham, soprassata and “le selve di vallolmo” sbriciolona, bidinelli mortadella, pecorino seasoned in wainut leaves, coccoli, croutons with liver and tomato bruschetta

Euro 10,00
Our Coccoli

coccoli, squacquerone chees and our raw prosciutto from “peppino piazza” (parma)

 Euro 8,50
Calvanina Tartare

with fried capers from pantelleria, egg yolk marinated for 15 days and gazpacho del piquillo

Euro 12,00
Soft Crunch

spinach flan with parmesian fondue and gorgonzola strudel, wainuts and pear

Euro 9,00
The Codfish

meatballs of cod on cream of grilled peppers creamed cod with tomatoes carmalized with rosemary and semi-dried leccine olives

Euro 10,00
Octopus and Chorizo Joselito

with guacamole sauce, onion confit and purgatory beans

Euro 10,00
Little Octopus Soup

on potato puree with stracciatella of burrata and crunchy bread with lemon

Euro 9,50

To Continue… The Pasta

Handmade Pappardelle

with ragu of certified hunted wild boar of appennino tosco romagnolo

Euro 11,00
“Carnaroli Melotti” * Rise

rice of creamed 22 month aged parmigiano reggiano and soprassata of the perfume of citrus

Euro 10,00
Handmade Gnocchi

with broccoli, semi-dried tomatoes, bread crumbles and stracciatella of burrata

Euro 11,00
 “Benedetto Cavalieri” * Linguine

carbonara of seasoned

Euro 11,00
Ribalta Spaghetti!

Benedetto Cavalieri* Spaghetti with clams with turnip tops and tomato confit

Euro 12,00
Fruits of the Sea Fregula

the typical sardinian pasta flavored with clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp, scampi and octopus

Euro 12,00

To Continue… Meat and Fish

Steak Red Meat from Abetone

with spinach flan on parmesian fondue and purgatory beans

Euro 23,00
The Cheek of Grigio

cheek of grigio of casentino cooked at a low temperature with 4 consistencies of vegetables: cream of carrot, steamed broccoli, onion crumbles and caramelized red chicory

Euro 16,00
Tuna Takaki

steak tuna with almond cous cous tomato gazpacho and bufala tartare

Euro 24,00
Fish and Chips

the cod “gaudus morhua” on sunroot puree and potato chips with our ketchup

Euro 18,00
Our Fish Fry

calamari and shrimp with vegetables

Euro 17,00
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Le Selve di Vallolmo*
In the most pristine, greener and more secluded Tuscan countryside rises the ancient rural hamlet of Selve di Vallolmo, where love for nature blends with a profound gastronomic tradition that originates here through the breeding and processing of pork; up to the productions of cold cuts, sausages and the famous Casentino ham, which represents one of the 290 principals in the world supported by the international slow food movement.
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Benedetto Cavalieri*
It is the pasta factory for excellence in Italy.
House founded in 1872 is produced in the sunny hills of Basilicata and Puglia, with cultivated grains without the use of fertilizers.
Processing with a delicate method, prolonged kneading, slow kneading, bronze drawing and low temperature drying.
Passion, care and continuous search for quality, in full accordance with our cooking philosophy.
Melotti Rise*
Inspired by a tradition of respect for the environment, people, good food and quality of life, transmitted with enthusiasm from father to son and fueled by the generosity and charm of the plain south of Verona. The family directly follows every single production phase, from cultivation in the countryside to processing, up to packaging and direct sales of the product. Rice producers since 1986.
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